Enjoy Motherhood. Intentionally!

Let me help you ditch the mom guilt, overthinking and mental chaos,
even if you’re used to hiding your needs in order to keep your family happy,
so that you can stop playing strong, put together on the outside
while secretly crying far too often.

What I Do?

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The best gift you can give to your Kids is a happy Mama!

It all starts with you but it doesn’t mean you have to go through the struggles alone. I am committed to help you create this joyful, fulfilling life and draft an intentional plan to achieve your goals and dreams.


Your group needs some motivation, clarity, sense of direction?

The beauty of mindset is that it is the key to achieve better results. From a baby shower to corporate events,  I am available to encourage you to a better performance.
Being a mom is not required 😉


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It’s all about your mindset!

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Clients testimonials

“ Working with Alicja has been nothing short of amazing! She reminded me of that cape that has been collecting dust in the back of my closet and she helped me take my power back. ”

~   Chassidy

My Story

Think about the moment you wanted nothing else but hide in a bathroom. Even for 5 minutes. To disappear and not be bugged.

And when you finally managed to reach the bathroom floor with some chocolate in your hand, the guilt hit you immediately.

“I am the worst mom in the world. Who hides from their own children?!”  (Que the ugly crying.)

NO? Never happened? Well, maybe that’s just me. Years ago, but still stings when I think about it…

But do you see my smile here in the picture? That’s the most real current me possible. Not staged, not faked. Almost impossible some time ago. Yet it happens all the time now.

Wanna know what changed?