It’s not easy to be a woman nowadays (not that it had ever been easy but stay with me here…)

We are expected to be nice and act like a lady but also remember to fight for your rights and be ballsy. Know all actual trends and always wear makeup but don’t forget to be natural. Be an independent woman who works and earns a lot of $$ but only after you prepare three-course dinner for the whole family in your perfectly clean kitchen. Have I mentioned having kids? Don’t let me start on this subject.

Welcome to the place where it all doesn’t matter!

I created this blog as a safe place for all the ladies who are looking for a break from whatever is bothering them today (What is it? Let me know!!). That’s our little corner of the Internet where there are no expectations, no limits but hopefully lots of thoughts and ideas to exchange! You are in the right place if you want to read about juggling everything that you have to do with all what you are supposed to do and desperately hoping to do whatever you would love to do. If you are a mom – you’ll get it.

If you are a guy, I don’t kick you out! Please stay. And learn 😉

Why redefine?

In my (very humble) opinion a lot of troubles women have on an everyday basis are the result of overthinking, misinterpretation and constant worrying. Let’s stop it here! Let’s redefine our concerns into simple steps to achieve goals and happiness! You can read more about redefining and check is it something for you in the post titled Just Redefine (shocking title choice, huh?)

I am very excited that you are here!!

In case you wonder who is writing all of this – My name is Alicja. I’m not always nice, know almost nothing about trends, I am a part-time working wife and mom of three little bombs of energy (elementary school age, toddler and a baby!). Five years ago I left my life in Poland and came to the US because of my husband’s job requirements. There, I was a psychologist with the additional certification in finances. Here, I am a housewife and mommy or a CEO of my household if you prefer. My kitchen is rarely perfectly clean, but dinners are mostly homemade. To read some more about my story – sign up below!

Please pour yourself a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or whatever makes you happy (I don’t judge… usually) and look around, leave a comment, sign up to get an occasional email from me and never leave. It’s your place too!

P.S. This blog has also one more purpose. More personal. English is my second language. I’m learning all the time and need to practice somewhere. I’m sure you will find some mistakes. So let’s play Where is Waldo? (Or Wally if you’re in Europe). To let me know where I hurt English simply send me an email. Or even better, sign up below to stay in touch!

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