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If you are here just to quickly check my credentials, here’s a list.
However, if you want to read something more about how I can help you and why we should talk keep on reading.

Master's degree in psychology

Personal development enthusiast

Mom of three

Officially coaching Moms since 2019

My Story

I am guessing you are not here to read my bio, but still, let me give you some background. Back in 2012 my Hubby decided to turn our lives upside down and got a job in the USA (we are from Poland).  I am not the one who feels good to stay at home, so I quickly got busy and started working on helping other expats accommodate in a new place.
In the meantime, I also worked on my fam-squad. We upgraded from one kid to three and here is where my new life journey really begins.

My first step to work with other moms was starting a blog called Just Redefine in 2017.  Why? 

  1. Because I wanted to share my journey to become the best version of myself with YOU!
  2. Because having an “outside” project was my mental health part of self-care, my creative outlet.
  3. Because running a blog is an amazing way of meeting other moms!

To be the best mom you cannot be constantly bored. You cannot feel the mom guilt and worry all the time. It just won’t work if you often feel lost, if you feel like you’re losing yourself. You want to be active and engaged when you’re with your kids.

Ask me how do I know 😉

I was exactly there. I was fighting my monsters for quite a long time on my own.

Why would you do the same? What for? I am here to support you and share everything I know, everything I lived through.

That’s why I made a decision to move on to coaching.
I love the approach of focusing on the future and working through quick wins. Such different than traditional therapy. 

In my humble opinion Moms deserve what’s best. Motherhood is a mission, it is the most beautiful sacrifice and it’s still not appreciated enough. I want to support and encourage YOU.

Your mindset can change EVERYTHING in your life.

That’s why I am here.
I can help.
I want to help.
Sincerely with no strings attached.

Because your kids need a happy mom. You need happy you.

I am honored to be featured in various blogs and online sources. Those particular ones can tell you more about me:

SoulShine Life Connections

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Feedback & Reviews

“Alicja is really good at building a personal relationship while maintaining professionalism and staying on track with goals and exploring possible avenues for solutions. She is a great listener and is responsive to individual needs. I appreciate her candor, her uplifting insight, and kindness.

I have some very tangible results in just 4-5 weeks. I have better communication with my husband and have held myself accountable for being an active participant in family/household chores, as well as my health and well-being.

Jen (38), mom of 3

“The results I’ve experienced from Alicja’s coaching is more confidence in myself and a better sense of focus for where I’m heading in the future. I’ve learned to turn off some of the negative thought patterns that have been holding me back, and believe in myself, and the reality of what I’ve already accomplished.

Alicja has helped me identify my strengths, and to realize how important of a role I’ve taken/had in raising my son and the impact it will have on his future, and the generations to come.

Until I met Alicja, I had not thought about myself or what I want (my dreams) for the future… it’s always been about others, so now I’ve opened new doors and excited about my path and what new adventures are to come.”

Happy Anonymous Client

“I felt like I lost my power with my son and needed to gain back control over my mental and physical health. I didn’t see my problems as “mom problems”. (…)

Working with Alicja has been nothing short of amazing! She reminded me of that cape that has been collecting dust in the back of my closet and she helped me take my power back.

I want to add that she is an amazing woman and I feel so honored to have met her. Alicja really has helped me far more than she could ever imagine.”


What Can I Do for You?

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or your own vision of our collaboration!

My sole mission is to support Moms in their journey.
No matter if you’re just preparing yourself to become a mom or you recently became an empty-nester,
and anywhere in between – I am here for you!


Coaching is my jam and a real treat for you! 

During 1:1 sessions you are going step by step through my original framework designed to give you clarity and a simple to follow road-map for the future.    Read more

Group Program (online)

If you prefer a less attention on yourself and/or you know you work better in a group environment – this program is for you!

You gain access to learning materials, accountability and all the benefits of the group dynamics from a private and safe group of moms and of course coaching from me.    Read more

In-Person workshop

I’d love to talk to you and your friends/colleagues!
We will plan it all together according to your needs and circumstances. Let’s talk!

Shared Resources

I prepared for you some resources that can help you with mindset work on your own terms. You will find them here. Don’t forget to follow me on social media for more free trainings and tips!

Ready to talk?

Don’t be shy. That’s a no string attached conversation! Let’s have a simple mom chat and see if there’s a way I can support you. 

by the way – I really don’t mind kids noises in the background nor their curious faces showing up asking if they can eat another cookie 😉