Building Your Website


Hey, I am so glad you are interested in building your website. This will be great and crazy satisfying project!


A little bit about myself

Is studied psychology. My IT related knowledge amounts to SPSS ( the statistical program) and MS Office. That being said, let me brag: whole is a completely DIY project. I am very proud of it. It’s not perfect yet, but it looks exactly like I want it to.

Another thing is that when I decided to start a blog I didn’t know if I am going to like it, if I’m going to continue and for how long. I wanted to keep it as free as possible, looking as professional as possible at the same time.

This wouldn’t be possible without two challenges I took!

First one was:

The Free 5 Day Website DIY Challenge by Sonja Limóne from

Sonja made brilliant in my opinion 5day course that shows you step by step how to prepare everything to create your website. For me, it was mostly going into a deeper level of organization and mapping out the content of the blog more than how-to details (although you get plenty of those during the challenge).

You can hear more about it below in the interview Sonja did with me in September.

Alicja Ciesielska/Sonja Limone interview - building your website -

To get to the more technical side of building a website…

I was happy to find:

The Free 5 Day Website Challenge by Shannon Mattern from

Shannon introduced the Make Theme to me. That was bull’s eye! Free theme with a possibility to upgrade, that is easily customizable. The challenge is constantly updated, built from videos that take you step by step through the process.

But that’s not all. The real gold is a Shannon’s Facebook group. Whatever trouble you may have with building your website the way you want, you can ask and guess what? You’ll get the answer! Group members are active and knowledgeable. It may take some time to get the answer for Shannon herself, but I was not once disappointed. She even showed me how to add some custom coding so I get the result I was hoping for.

Without spending a dime, you have access to consult the real WordPress Pro. And that is no everything because Shannon also offers something called BFF Academy and that’s where the real magic happens!

What did I do?

Both resources I recommend you here, I found and used when I was still in my research phase. You see, I don’t rush with projects that I treat seriously. I didn’t start a blog in 5 days. I’ve been learning for months (I still do!) before I made decisions what to buy, how to do what and who to listen to.

The challenges mentioned above are held in completely different styles. Both Ladies really know what they are saying and doing.

After all I checked and read I went with SiteGround as my hosting, WordPress platform, free Make Theme.

About blogging

If you are interested in blogging, I’ll tell you this. So many bloggers are writing about blogging that you can go crazy. It’s not very easy to find in all this fluff what is really working and who has it all figured out. But it’s doable.

I don’t feel qualified to recommend anything at this point because I’m fresh in the subject and I don’t exactly know what works, what not. However, as you already know, I did my research and I know something about everything. Just kidding! (But seriously, you should probably start with Suzi from – definitely check it out!)

If you have questions or want to talk about all the options available, simply write it all below   ⇓

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