Alicja Ciesielska with kids; photo by Eloise and Pease


Real Queens, when in trouble, fix each other’s crowns. Let me help you with yours.

My approach connects my educational background in psychology and a direct focus on the future. 

You are choosing your goal, I’m making sure you’re set for success. Sounds good?

Do you want to 10x your confidence? Do you want to wake up happy? Feel joy? Be present at the moment with your kids? Or maybe you’re hunting for the Holy Grail of balanced work/home life?

Let’s talk!

Heidi, the Wandering Minimalist:

"I was frustrated over a perceived lack of direction/choices in life. I liked Alicja from the start! Now, I feel more empowered. "I can do whatever the hell I want." 🙂 I loved Alicja's no-nonsense approach. I felt like she never shied away from gently telling the blunt truth."

Meghan Skrepenski, Founder or Raising STRONG Boot Camps:

"I was struggling with feeling stuck. When I was working with Alicja, I felt that my needs were met, that my concerns were heard and that she helped me continue to move forward. I know she’s a busy mom as well but she was always so patient with me and really well prepared! ❤️ I enjoyed speaking more with her and continuing to grow and move forward in my business while focusing on areas I needed more balance in my life. I truly appreciate the support that Alicja offers and believe she helped me keep pushing forward even when life got in the way. I believe she can help any mom with her goals!"

Jen (38), mom of 3:

Alicja is really good at building a personal relationship while maintaining professionalism and staying on track with goals and exploring possible avenues for solutions. She is a great listener and is responsive to individual needs. I appreciate her candor, her uplifting insight, and kindness. I have some very tangible results in just 4-5 weeks. I have better communication with my husband and have held myself accountable for being an active participant in family/household chores, as well as my health and well-being.