Stop giving up – how to overcome the failure?

You know that if you practice something a lot you’re becoming a master at it? Well, I’ve mastered failing projects. It’s simply about giving up instead of keeping going.

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Basically, you don’t need to be a philosopher nor a scientist to know that life is made of failures. Probably that’s why this is going to be my shortest post ever. Nevertheless, I want to bring your attention to one aspect of this subject.

Let’s start from the beginning

Some idea comes to your mind. You love it from the start. Excitement flows through your veins. Your overthinking spiral starts spinning and you’re brainstorming like a machine. You can’t wait to get to work! And then… life happens. Kids happen. You’re a busy Mom after all.

If the idea was great enough you are coming back to it. This time you start planning. Precisely drafting every step by step. Maybe you even start turning your strategy from paper into action. Good for you! How long till you get distracted this time?

My least favorite scenario is when I am really into the project and I am so close to finishing it and then, for example, my kids get sick. My whole attention is on them so whatever I was working on is far away on the back burner.

I could get back to it. But I probably need to start from the beginning, depending on the project of course. A couple of times I would, but then whenever difficulties show up my motivation is getting lower and lower.

It’s normal, so what can you do?

Giving up – that’s what I was always great at. At some point in my life, I crowned myself a queen of starting. And here we have the turning point.

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It is not so hard to redefine the whole process of pursuing the goal. Just read my tagline 😉 It’s all about your mindset. And preparations.

*** I mean mental preparations not only planning. I think very often we spend too much time on planning. Don’t get me wrong – I said it before I’m a planner fan and I’m guilty of regular overthinking BUT when you focus on planning everything in details it might get overwhelming. That’s one step to frustration. And from frustration to giving up is just a slippery slope.

Back to mindset. Key here is to do a little self-check. How determined are you to achieve your goal? How much do you want it? Are you ready to fight all obstacles? Because you may be sure there will be some.

Giving up is not an option - redefine the feeling of failure into experience to build upon-


Remember that quote you see on Facebook and Pinterest – “When you feel like quitting, remember why you started”? Your WHY is your engine. That’s what keeps you going.

Take all your failed attempts and treat them as a practice run. What can you do about giving up in the past? You learn from it! You get to know yourself, your habits, your weak links. And then?

Then you build upon them! You draw conclusions from your experience and you prepare yourself for whatever possibilities you can think of. When something unpredictable happens, you relay on your persistence and keep on going!

A strong will is not necessarily something you are born with. You can work on it, train it. I’m not saying it’s easy. But it’s worth it. Because this whole failure thing? It’s not pretty. It doesn’t make you happier. Giving up is not an option. Take all your past quittings and with the whole power refuse to start again.

Finish your project, achieve your goal, set up the new habit.


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Giving up is not an option - redefine the feeling of failure into experience to build upon -

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