How to stay patient when all you want to do is yell at your child?

pinterest graphic with calm moms with their babies and description stay patient when all you want to do is yell at your child[mv_create title=”Stay Calm and Keep on Parenting – best advice from fellow Moms!” key=”8″ type=”list” layout=”hero” thumbnail=””]Here are two more actionable tips from Gale of Imaginative Homeschool:

“Remember, your relationship with your children is more important than any lesson. They can always learn something later, and they don’t learn well if we blow up at them anyways. So, as soon as you feel YOUR temperature rising, take a break. I’ve never regretted stepping away when I was losing my patience, but I’ve regretted many times I didn’t.”

“When you reach that place where you’re about to lose it, find a quiet place away from the kids QUICK. Lock yourself in the bathroom if necessary. And don’t let yourself do ONE THING MORE. My kids had a knack of asking to do the one thing I had been trying to get them interested in for weeks right as I was heading to the bedroom for some urgent “me time.” 99% of the time, if I gave in and did that “one more thing,” 5 minutes later I’d be blowing my top. When you need it, time alone isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Take it.”

I hope this helps! If you’d like even more sources of info check this out:

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