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Inspiring mompreneur-changing the world one bow at a time

Maybe it’s the mood of the day speaking (since I am writing this on Mother’s Day) but I want to introduce you to a mom I’ve met lately. You see, there’s something incredible in meeting another soul that simply gets the reality in a similar way you do. I hope you’re as excited to meet this inspiring mompreneur as I am to introduce her. But let’s start from the beginning.

Meet Chelsey

Chelsey Walker - inspiring mompreneur changing the world one bow at a time

When one becomes a blogger they start spending more time on social media. I am not an exception and I am truly happy about it. I am meeting so many awesome people online! You hear about all the negativity and hate but we don’t say enough how much support and love you can find at the same time.

In one of facebook’s group for mompreneurs, I’ve met Chelsey Walker, a face behind Periwillow Boutique. Very soon I found myself scrolling through lovely choices of clip-on hair bows for kids in the Periwillow Online Boutique. I could easily imagine my 2-year-old rocking all of them!

Then before I found more awesome products (I’ll come back to that) I was checking out her blog.

The inspiration behind the business

I don’t know how about you but when I land on somebody’s website I immediately look for “about me” just to know who’s behind the scenes. I’ve learned that Chelsey is a mom of two and that she started her business as a creative outlet!

How cool is that?

The blog you’re reading right now started exactly like that – it’s a sanity saver. Every stay at home mom will agree, motherhood is great but after a while, you just need to do something for yourself (use your brain for something else than reading the same story over and over again) or you start bouncing off the walls.

Am I right? Or maybe it’s just me? Let me know in the comments!

So, back to Chelsey!

What can a creative mom with babies at home start with? Cloth diapers of course 😉 and from there she only grew. Now, her online shop is full of handmade home décor and lifestyle items:

flower clip on by periwillow boutique

  • Photo blankets
  • Hair accessories (the cutest bows and clips!)
  • Bowties
  • Teethers
  • Loveys
  • Storage solutions (ex. for art supplies and books)

And she’s not stopping here!

Before I’ll tell you what made the best impression on me, let me share another interesting fact.

Giving back to the Community

periwillow bow bar

This Mama knows how to give back to the community! Profits from Periwillow Boutique support many charities like Box of Balloons, March of Dimes, or Dane County Diaper Bank.

Tell me that after reading all that you don’t want to just do something good?! This girl is pure inspiration.

I was surprised and really loved the fact that Chelsey lives and works quite close to me! And if you check her social media you’ll see that she organizes pop up playdates for kids!

You see, it only gets better with this girl. She even helps you entertain your child.

We have met during May’s event.

She opened a bow bar. Isn’t it just the cutest idea? My kids had so much fun coloring their own bow and a bowtie! It’s just not something you do every day, right?

The best of all!

Now, here’s the part you were waiting for – subscription boxes! My favorite idea ever! Who doesn’t love subscription boxes? There is something exciting in finding in your mailbox something else than bills and ads, right?

periwillow subscription box - inspiring mompreneur

When we’ve met in real life, during the playdate I mentioned, I was gifted this month’s box. Wasn’t that nice?

Mamas, let me tell you, this box is so adorable! From A to Z. The box itself is so nice and elegant that I kept it. I don’t know yet what will I keep there, but I’m not throwing it out 😊

Inside we (because my 2-year-old daughter considers this box hers) found:

  • hair clips with bows and a cute little flower,
  • craft to make (+materials),
  • smoothie recipe
  • and coloring pages designed by the local artists.

So basically, one day in toddler’s life planned! Which is so nice. If I don’t have to invent another activity because it’s literally served to me – I am in and happy.

Below you can see pictures of all the products in action. Can you tell we have fun?

periwillow subscription box - inspiring mompreneur periwillow subscription box - inspiring mompreneur periwillow subscription box - inspiring mompreneur

periwillow subscription box - inspiring mompreneur periwillow subscription box - inspiring mompreneur

Inspiring mompreneur creates compassionate business

Again, I was touched when I read that every bow that you bought means one bow was gifted to another child.

If you think about it this humble Mama changes the world around her one bow at a time. Not only has she found something that is good for her and her family, but she engages people around her, promotes their work, and helps others. You know a small act of kindness can make a huge impact.

That is why it is my great pleasure to introduce the Periwillow Boutique brand to you and I hope you’ll visit her shop and social media (Facebook here, Instagram here) to show your love and support.

We, moms, need to work together and support each other. That is why I hope to bring you more Mompreneurs’ stories in the future.

Please let me know in the comments if you like this idea and if you know moms who should be included in such post series.

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