Mom hack to be better prepared for the week!

A morning routine is not one of my strengths since I am not a morning person. I’m more of a morning mombie. But it doesn’t mean I’m not trying. Ashly from Dear Mom Working is sharing today her mom hack to better prepare for the day and even the whole week!

Guest Post by Ashly (

Being a mom that works full time with 3 children ages three and under is no easy task. I find myself and the children frustrated at some point throughout the morning. How do I work on keeping my sanity? Organization. Generally, the mornings I feel most prepared I can regulate the clan a lot easier. This leads to me and the children a lot happier throughout the week.

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One of the ways I prepare myself for the work week is to get the kids’ clothes laid out for the week on Sundays. I have a 5-drawer system in my 3-year-old son’s room. I lay out his day clothes and his jammies for 5 days, one day per drawer. Jammies and day clothes for each specific day end up together in one drawer. When he wakes up, he or I grab clothes from one of the drawers and bring them to the living room. After we are done dressing, he or I will bring his jammies to a basket in the bathroom where they will be waiting for bath time that evening.

Currently, my son has no interest in picking out his clothes, but when he does or should I say when I am willing to tackle that monster, we will make this a Sunday together task. Insider tip! I have the dresser drawers in his room and the drawers for organization labeled with letters, so I can say go in drawer “A” and grab sweatpants. He’s learning and I am getting him to interact with the task at hand. You can change the theme based on what you are working on. Example, a mom friend of mine uses colors.

Mom hack: Pouch system!

For my oldest daughter, she is CRAZY about drawers so I opted to use a pouch system on her crib because she would pull each drawer open and take everything out. She could pull everything from the pouches, but it seems she doesn’t find that as much fun.

I love the pouch system for space saving, but when her crib was in our room for the first few months it offered a nice customizable privacy barrier. I am not the type of mom that gets my kids all dressed up for daycare until at least one year old. I prefer them to be comfortable. So, my youngest daughter will go to daycare in whatever she slept in the night prior and will get a new outfit at bath time in the evenings. I stick our 9 favorite outfits in the basket that remains in the bathroom so I never will dig in a drawer for her.

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Now that I have this in place I cannot imagine children at my feet in the morning fishing through drawers to find something that matches. What a waste of my morning time! Plan. Start the day right. Find relief in the organization!

Ashly @ Dear Mom Working


Ashly is a mom, who works while taking care of 3 children close in age, managing co-parenting, work and fitness.




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