My story


Once upon a time, across the ocean, while I was earning my master’s degree in psychology, I started a family with the man who is the love of my life. I had this wonderful dream of gradually building my career while bringing up our first-born son.

How surprised I was when it turned out that getting the job is not so easy. Without giving up I completed another postgraduate program in accounting and finance, and also took a non-related part-time job, because hey, there are 24 hours in a day. How easy my life seemed back then.

I thought that my life finally stabilized when I found a full-time job and my son felt really good in a daycare. All well and good until one day I found out that because of the demands of my husband’s work, we must all move to the US.

Thankfully, the move went smoothly. I was now a housewife, taking care of my son while my husband successfully (thanks be to God!) was finding his place at the new workplace.

I must admit that the transition from a person working since being 16 to the status of a just housewife cooking dinner (because that’s how I felt) was emotionally very difficult for me and it was certainly a challenge for our family.

With time, however, I managed to find a job (being seven months pregnant!) and it seemed that everything was back to normal. Then, as a mom of two boys, I have reached the state of stabilization. Again.

I worked part-time in an academic environment helping others, that were coming from different places around the world, to adapt to the new living conditions. Despite various crazy events, I had a sense of a balance between running the house, fulfilling myself in the maternity and also building my own identity outside, in the working environment, building my professional resume.

After 5 years, however, the legal conditions of my stay in the States have changed and I cannot work anymore. Another transformation! Have I added that in the meantime, our lovely daughter joined the family?

Summing up all of the info, here I am, an undiagnosed workaholic spending time with three children at home. Don’t get me wrong – I love my children more than anything in the world, time spent with them is a blessing and nothing less.

But does it mean that I cannot want more? It turns out that many people think so. What’s more, I learned that a lot of women, mothers included, also think so!

Quite recently I was completely shattered, I lacked balance, I could not find myself in this situation. I felt like a cheater. A psychologist on the verge of depression. A loving mother who is struggling to get involved in raising her own children. A supporting husband’s career wife, who dreams only about him returning home.

It is not an easy situation for an ambitious young woman who usually fights for herself to suddenly somehow not being able to find strength.

With God’s grace, I received the help I needed. I knew though, that I’m not the only one with struggles like that. I found in myself a great desire to support those mothers who have similar problems.

Since I know that I couldn’t have managed all of my problems alone, I want to help YOU in the moments when you need support.

I’m not a person who is doing well without a specific project outside the house/family responsibilities, I decided to be an advocate for the statement below:

No mother needs to apologize for wanting something more from life!

As the result of this sense of mission, was created.

Please, go ahead and look around, learn about my philosophy of redefining your mindset and believe that your life may look as you dreamt it and the world is wide open waiting for you!

You can start here.