Why is it better to do New Year’s resolutions in November?

Tell me first, do you promise yourself anything on January 1st? Second question – what is the point? Be honest! Why do you care about New Year so much that this day (and not any other) is the one you make some resolutions?

I’ll be grateful if you leave a comment to let me know because I’m genuinely interested.

Are you looking for the new beginning? Really?

The obvious fact is that January 1st is not significantly different than June 1st (I’m not talking weather, Smarty Pants). If like many, you are looking for the new beginning, here’s a news for you – every month has the first day, every week has a Monday, heck, every morning is a new day, new chance, new start!

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I am not sure it’s backed by any scientific research, but I would guess that most of New Year’s resolutions are actually one’s goals that were not achieved last year. So maybe do yourself a favor and start with those in November. This way you have two months of “old year” left. Depending on a goal, you may even be done before January.

New Year's resolutions are more of a dream than plan- read more at justredefine.com

Why is it better to do New Year's resolutions in November? There is no point of setting limits of when should you start fighting for your goals. Do it whenever, just decide of your goal, make a plan and act! Gratitude planner added to this post can help you with the right mindset.
gratitude can help you stay on top of your new year resolutions

Good to have a dream, but a plan is even better!

Ok, enough with the sarcasm. Really, there is no point of waiting until New Year. Is there anything you dream about? Stop waiting! Redefine the way of thinking about it. Don’t even describe it as a dream nor a wish. In general, forget about the world of unicorns and rainbows.

To succeed, find your happy ending first

You need to know what is your destination. If you define the end of the journey and know exactly what you want, all is left is to start. Don’t even think about “tomorrow”. NOW. Start now! Be the responsible adult and take action. You want something – then go and get it.

Let me give you an example of very common New Year’s resolution. Do you know that the best way to lose weight is to plan your meals so that you provide your body as many calories as a person with your dream weight needs?
So basically, you do the math for your targeted calorie intake and live a life of a person you want to become. You don’t wait to become this person. You start well… from the beginning!

On every exciting journey, you need a map

If you have decided on your end, congrats! You are already acting! Yeah!! Good for you! You know where you are going. Awesome! You might need some directions though.

Do the research. Look for what is needed to achieve your goal. Find others and their successful or not-so-successful stories. Just please check your sources and don’t trust in everything Facebook tells you.

You need checkpoints to review what have you already achieved and to make sure you are still on the right path. Let’s say it will take you a whole year to get to your end. I would set the checkpoints at least once a month.

Your right to celebrate every bigger step

To keep yourself motivated on your journey you must be happy along the way. There’s no need for anything fancy if it’s not in your style or budget. It may be a day off just for you or a dance in your PJs to the favorite song. Be completely shameless about it!

Do you need the great influence of accountability?

Everybody is different and has a different approach. Many women (and not only women) need to have a partner during any journey. Because it’s easier to carry the weight, to motivate each other or simply to have somebody to talk to. If you are this person, find yourself support.
If you need ideas, where to find your person or who should that person be – let me know, I’ll be happy to help.

Others do that kind of stuff alone. Again, there is plenty of reasons – they might be introvert, they might want to surprise their family and friends with the results and so on.

Naturally, you chose whichever way works for you. But there is a trap here – remember not to make an excuse of liability. None of “I don’t have the support system, so I won’t start now” nor “My accountability partner cannot work with me this week so I wait for him/her”. Nope! You do you!

Never forget about the power of gratitude!

Being thankful and appreciative makes life fuller, helps when in doubt or struggling during the process of reaching the goal. You can read more about how gratitude can help you here.
It’s important to reflect on what are you going through.

To help you with journaling the journey with your goals you are more than welcome to download the Gratitude Planner below. It will help you be present in the process. Ironically it starts with January 1st date. But it’s editable word document file so you can start any day, you can print the whole thing or only part of it. Or simply, use on the computer.

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So how’s it gonna be? Magic resolutions or thought-through goals? January, November or July? Let me know in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Why is it better to do New Year’s resolutions in November?”

  1. Now i really look forward to reading your posts. I’m also not a fan of new year resolutions, resolve everything already and work towards achieving them even before the new year comes. I think it’s just a way of justifying our procrastination ability.

  2. I love your post and the graphics, I just wrote a similar post encouraging people to quit more often, to live their best life! But I like that you encourage people to stop waiting! November or today is a great time to plan for next year’s goals.

    1. Thank you, Tiffany! I truly believe in what I write, we should not wait and be proactive about our lives. And btw I like your post too 🙂

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