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Redefine Mommy Mindset

Group Program Online

Join 12 weeks long online group program that will change your life!

You’re getting access to recorded video content, FB group of like-minded moms, and weekly coaching calls with me.

Days are long but years go by super fast? Welcome to the mom life. Based on what’s changed since you became a mom you’ll reevaluate, define new dreams, decide on new habits. No worries, we’ll get you back in control of your life.

You’ll go through Mom-Life Assessment – you’ll get the knowledge on which specific area of your life you need to focus in the first place.

Is it possible NOT to be in the mom mode forever? You’ll create a personalized roadmap of your motherhood journey (and beyond)

We all know mom’s goals are not just about you. You’ll learn how to set goals when hardly anything depends solemnly on your decisions and how managing expectations influence your plans.

Are you ready for that? Let’s answer all the objections and address the obstacles.

You’ll apply new knowledge to your life and systematically use those systems while still being coached and supported by the group.

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