being a sahm is not an easy task. but how to explain it to others?

What is it like to be a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM)?

*** This post was primarily a guest post I wrote for DearMomWorking, a blog that no longer exists. I thought it’s funny enough to stay online. Enjoy!***

My pregnant friend asked me lately how it really is at home with kids. She wanted to know the raw, true report straight from the SAHM battlefield. You could say it was a regular chat between mom of three and mom-in-progress, but let me tell you – I froze for a second.

To tell or not to tell – SAHM ‘s dilemma

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I was keeping some secret known only in mommy society, but think about it – what to tell a young girl that has an adorable baby in her belly and probably equally adorable ideas about mom life in her mind and at the same time be completely honest (it’s my friend after all!)?

If you're wondering how it's like to be a stay at home mom in this post you will find a real but not so serious answer

Before you judge me as a terrible mom who doesn’t like her kids let me share a quick story. That day that I was meeting my friend, I woke up with a sciatica pain in my lower back. Nothing unusual, it started during my third pregnancy and now visits me from time to time. If you don’t know how it feels – great! be happy about it. If you want to know, it’s like somebody was stubbing you with a knife in your buttock and thigh whenever you want to move any muscle.

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Back to the story. My toddlers made sure I’m awakened by thoroughly checking with their cute little fingers if my eyes are open, if my ears were working by screaming random sounds. After this nice everyday protocol, we went to get some breakfast.

It’s a whole family mission since kids outnumbered parents. Three milk spills and cheerios-everywhere catastrophes later, the oldest went to school, middle one went with daddy to preschool, so it was only me and the little one to get ready to leave for our morning coffee with the mentioned friend.

The idea of coffee outside the house made me excited (yes, those are exciting events when you’re a SAHM) so I tried to not think about my pains and the fact that I slept only 4 hours (toddler’s night terrors, anybody?) and I decided to…drumroll please! (I mean it!)… do makeup!! I can hear your gasps! Good. I deserved that with my bravery.

After 3 and a half minutes (that’s how long Peppa Pig bought me) I was ready enough to go out. I just needed to clean mascara out of my daughter. How could I not notice she took it? That must have happened when I was turning the TV on with my foot cause my hands were busy preventing the little one from taking a dive into the toilet. With sciatica! That should be the Olympic discipline, thank you very much.

What would You do?!

Yeah, that was just my morning. It went quite good, I must say. Should I tell this to my friend? That this is how a good morning looks like with kids at home?

  • No child was sick – win;
  • There were no tantrums, no dramas – win, win;
  • No last minute “I forgot to do my homework” – win
  • And definitely no “I don’t know where is my shoe” – win!!

Naaah. It’s too soon to tell her that, she would probably be interested more in how it goes with a baby anyway. So, I run the list of stuff that I don’t remember as horrifying (anymore) in my head.

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The good always outweighs the not-so-fun.

Labor, first weeks of breastfeeding, being pooped on, sleepless nights when the baby got sick for the first time, teething! And then – I realized that I blog about mommy motivation, about the right mindset and I should probably use my own advice.

So I told her the SAHM truth.

How it really is at home with kids.

How incredibly fantastic it feels to take your baby into your arms for the first time after having her/him so long under your heart. What amazing connection it is to hold and feed your precious child (no matter the way you choose), when s/he looks at you with absolute trust and love in the eyes.

SAHM and baby

I told her about the relief you feel when your baby finally feels better after being sick and the best laugh of my life when I saw my husband in a wet, peed-on t-shirt.

I think my friend kind of snoozed a bit when I elaborated on the perfection of baby feet, or maybe it was when I told her how awesome it is when children get excited when you show up, no matter their age and no matter how long were you gone, six hours or a couple of minutes.

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It was so nice to remind myself what a blessing it is to be a mom and to welcome another friend to the club!

And then I sneezed. But that’s “insiders only” joke.


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