Shift Your Mindset from Surviving to Thriving!

Before I’ll dive into some really simple and actionable tips on how to go from surviving to thriving, from I-have-no-life mode to the full bloom of awesomeness, let me make some definitions clear.

Shifting mindset to thriving…

When I say you are able to shift your mindset (because you are!) and that can result in you thriving, I mean your capability in trusting (hint: that’s a keyword) that life is happening for you (not to you) so that you can focus your time and energy on what is important to you, on what kind of impact do you want to have on the world.

…from surviving

In comparison, by surviving I mean a constant struggle, a somehow making through the day and waiting for some point in the future that will change everything situation. Guess what? Nothing will change, you’ll keep dreaming, exposing yourself to constant stress.

Who said that doing the same things over and over and expecting different results is…naive? I think Einstein? So Mama, don’t be silly, take action. Shift the way you THINK about your life.

Remember I mentioned “trust” as a keyword? Now I just said it’s about your thinking. Here’s the thing, only YOU have the power to do something about it. No matter how much you’ll beg me or pay me, there’s no way I can change your beliefs or opinions without you doing the work. It’s your free will.  And responsibility.

How to go from surviving to thriving?

Make a decision.

Surviving is not a way of living. It’s just not dying! (From which children’s movie is that? Guess in the comments!) Make an intentional decision that this is not an option for you. This is not who you are and from now on you are thriving.

Believe in the abundance of opportunities and practice gratefulness.

Like I told you in the beginning. Life is happening for you. Open your eyes and see all the opportunities that just wait for you. Even better focus on gratefulness. I know you hear it often. But it is this way because it works! Start a gratitude journal, make a list of everything that’s beautiful about your life.

Check out your environment

Let go of negativity, limit contact with people who you’d describe as toxic. Seek for those who are representing what you want. Be around them, learn.
Think: social media. How do your feeds look like? Unfollow all the whining and complaining. Add more inspiration!


You can find here simple and actionable tips on how to shift your mindset so that you can advance from surviving to thriving mode.


Let go of the NEED to be in control.

Trust your resourcefulness. You don’t have to have it all figured it out. You can take it one step at the time. Your kids will be fine if you let go a bit. Don’t worry all the time. Seriously. You’ve got it.

Be careful with comparisons.

Blah blah blah, stealer of joy. Yeah, I know it, you know it. The truth is we live in the connected world. You will not avoid comparing yourself to others. What you can do is shifting your jealousy for curiosity. How did they do it? What do you need to achieve what they achieved?

Resist negative self-talk, embrace creativity.

Your inner monologue sets the tone to your days. Your thoughts create your feelings. Those feelings drive your actions. Be creative.

Always remember your WHY.

Whatever you do remember what is your motivation. What is your purpose? Think not only why you are leaving the survival mode but most of all think about what are you going towards! Why it is important to achieve your goals? What would happen if nothing changes? How will you feel when you get where you want to be?

Focus on what’s possible.

You, my dear, are a mom. Your body gave life to another little human. So tell me again, what’s impossible? Focus on your power.

Appreciate the journey.

Keep your gratitude journal close because there will be plenty of notes to take. Your journey to growth might get complicated at some points. Life happens. Embrace every step. Appreciate what you have and what you’re learning.


Whoever you are – it’s enough. You are enough NOW. Not in some distant future. Now. If you feel you needed to read this post, I’d say there’s still some space for improvements in your life. Go for it! Shift your mindset and thrive!


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