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Are you tired and a bit overwhelmed mom?

Hello my dear Secretly Crying Mama!

Do you know you can stop playing so put together on the outside and start truly enjoying motherhood?

Alicja @ - a blog for every tired mom, teaching how to redefine her mindset to live full and happy life

Thank you for being here!

Please look around this site and feel at home. Take a break from your chores, I’d love to help you gain
a new perspective on your busy everyday life!

You CAN stop the mom guilt, stop the overthinking and mental chaos (even if you’re used to hiding your needs, in order to keep your family happy) and together we can redefine your mindset so you can purposefully live your life! ……– Alicja


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It’s all about your mindset!


The whole concept of redefining is described in the post titled Just Redefine. Shocking, right? Still, because this blog would not exist without coffee, as a tribute, I’d like to show you what it is about using this divine beverage as an example. Here is a picture illustrating the basic and well-known philosophy of mindset.

it's all about your mindset so just redefine empty into full

I know not all mothers run on caffeine. (I don’t say I get that, but I am aware of a fact.) But I also know most of the moms need some help with actively defining their goals and vision of their lives. And that is exactly what you can find here.

My mission is to help you redefine your worries and make them steps on the path to achieve your goals! Read more about the blog and me in the about section.

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